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The Begining: Revolution

The Big Revolution Started from samll vission of a person to serve its people with Free Education and Medical Support! Starting his early life from a small village near Rajkot, Educated from Sainik School Balachadi, Jamnagar(Roll no. 619) Followed to the prestigious National Defence Academy and Indian Military Academy, Army Life and the Commercial end. The end was not the end it was start to revolution. The great personality - Colonel Prakash P Vyas(Retd.)

What we want from you!? We expect lots of love from you and just a small help. We also keep some expectation that you would share our mission to everyone you can!

Registration Details and Procedure

To register and get daily updates for SSB and joining DOSPDP you are required to Call Colonel Vyas and fill the form attached below. Both the procedures are compulsory. You require following information to be passed to us. Also we need a short Profile of your through which we can know your background and overall performance in Life.

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TO whatsapp COLONEL VYAS CLICK HERE (+91 98980 59590)

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